Our Origin Story: From Dream to Reality

In 2020, the vision of creating a unique Montessori Resource Centre came to life with the establishment of Mahasai Montessori in Anna Nagar. This wasn’t just another institution; it was a realization of a dream.

Why Mahasai Montessori?

While several regular schools introduced Montessori methodologies within their kindergarten settings, and a handful catered to primary-aged children with this approach, there remained a void for comprehensive Montessori education for both primary and elementary students. Mahasai Montessori stepped into this space with a mission.

Our Humble Beginnings

Starting with just a mixed-age group of 6 children, our family has now blossomed to accommodate 72 enthusiastic learners ranging from 2.5 to 12 years old. Our growth story is a testament to our commitment and the trust of the families who believe in our mission.

Our Team: Nurturing Every Child’s Potential

Our journey began with a single passionate faculty member. Today, we boast a dedicated team that includes:

  • 5 Montessori-certified facilitators, ensuring individual attention and authentic Montessori teachings.

  • A specialized language trainer for Hindi, embracing the rich linguistic tapestry of our culture.

  • Expert trainers specializing in diverse extracurricular activities. From Yoga to Chess, from Silambam (a traditional martial art) to Sound Healing, we ensure holistic development for every child.

At Mahasai Montessori, we believe in nurturing potential, embracing diversity, and fostering growth. Join us in our journey of shaping the future, one child at a time.